Mgr. et Mgr., Bc. Petr Horáček

(b. 1970 in Prague)

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen (Mgr.), The Police Academy in Prague (Mgr., Bc.) and the Economics and Administration Faculty at the University of Pardubice (Bc.).

He specializes in representing clients before Czech civil courts, in disputes concerning the determination of ownership of movable and immovable property, in disputes concerning the issue of edition property and in disputes concerning payment of damages, contractual penalties, overdue receivables or damages incurred in the performance of public by law. No. 82/1998 Coll.

In the field of criminal law, he deals with the representation of victims of crime and persons involved in criminal proceedings. He also deals with the defense of persons accused of committing crimes. At Prague's courts he is registered as an ex offo advocate. Since 2018 he is a member of the Union of Attorneys.

He speaks Czech and English

He has been working in advocacy since 2015.